This tool involves creating rapidly prototyped bicycle-paths and signage as a means of incorporating safe spaces for non-motorized transport into the city.


The tactic consists of tracing paths along public streets that permit the prioritization of a variety of modes of transportation and validate assumptions about the layout, design, actual demand for such infrastructure, and more.

Ciudad Emergente has developed a proposal for the Providencia Municipality, in conjunction with, consisting of a plan for prototyping bike-paths throughout the commune, in association with a campaign for civic education on the subject. At the same time Ciudad Emergente will be championing a proposal to prototype bike paths in the city of Antofagasta in conjunction with CREO Antofagasta and in collaboration with CicloRecreoVia and the Tecnologías Sustentables company. 

Ciudad Emergente has also been involved with the Municipality of Santiago in the development of bike-path prototyping plans for the Santiago Centro commune, through streets that are temporarily closed for the extension of metro lines.

This tool is based on the work realized by WikiCarril in Guadalajara, México.

Qualitative ToolsSarah Derroisne