Giovana Franceschetto Fernandes

Coordinator of Architecture and Urbanism

Architect and Urbanist, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.

Giovana is the Director of Emerging City. She works as a professor at the Desarrollo University, for the Architecture and Art faculty and as an independent architect and curator. She was executive director and co-curator of the XV Biennale di Architettura di Venezia with Alejandro Aravena | ELEMENTARY. She was curator and director of the South Front seminar – held by the Universidad del Desarrollo – where exponents of contemporary national architecture, such as Alejandro Aravena, participated. ELEMENTAL, Cecilia Puga, David Basulto, Elton_Léniz, Felipe Vera, Talca Group, José Uribe, Juan Román, Pezo Von Ellirchausen, Teresa Moller.

She was in charge of the development and implementation of the website ArchDailyBrasil, later becoming its chief editor.

She has collaborated in architectural projects and competitions in association with architects Alejandro Aravena | ELEMENTAL, Blanco & Andrade architects, Charles Murray, Elton_Leniz, millimeterMETRO, Victor Oddo.Asociados.