The Playtime tactic involves the co-creation of sports infrastructure through the establishment of a mini soccer field in order to recover spaces and areas in long-term decline.


For the Playtime project in René Schneider Sur (Antofagasta) we implemented a protected court prototype in an empty lot space recommended by the neighborhood leaders. The overall objective was to recover abandoned spaces in the neighborhood by establishing a protected area for playing soccer and other cultural activities so as to foster actions that encouraged the residents to keep the neighborhood clean and connected. Our plan consisted of tracing a mini-soccer field in an un-fenced empty lot space along the Alfonso Melendez street, where the neighborhood children generally play soccer but where soccer ball often rolls down the slope hindering the game. To solve the falling-ball problem we also installed a safety net for soccer practice. Furthermore the tactic invites the René Schneider Sur community to reclaim the space by providing a range of lightweight and easily-movable street furniture to activate the space with other recreational uses over time.


The Playtime tactic was implemented on Saturday, June 14, 2014 and the preparation of the soccer court took place on Sunday, June 15, as part of a “Cerro Porteno” soccer event, organized by the neighborhood association. The new space cleared for play was inaugurated under the same name: “Cerro Porteño Court” and is the place selected by the neighborhood leaders for Sunday soccer matches between professionals from the CDA (Antofagasta Sports Club) and the René Schneider Sur neighborhood association. These days of sport seek to activate public spaces through play and profound messages about the cultural change people hope to inspire in the city.

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TacticsSarah Derroisne