Malón Urbano are a tactic of citizen participation that invites the members of a community to share a large table, around a collaborative meal, to generate conversation, bonds of trust and build social capital.

This tactic was implemented for the first time in Santiago in 2013, inviting residents of different neighborhoods to organize and share with their neighbors. Year after year, malones urbanos were expanded to become a national holiday in 2017 under the name of El Gran Malón. Its 2018 version called hundreds of people in 29 communes in 10 regions of the country.

El Gran Malón has been replicated in Salamanca, Region of Coquimbo, in the north of Chile, where it is called La Gran Mateada, because it reflects the tradition of sharing a mate in a collaborative manner.

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It has also been implemented within the framework of the Shared Citiesproject, in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where it received the name of Convivio de Traje. This tactic was made as an invitation to the neighbors to meet and share a meal, with the aim of facilitating the peaceful meeting between individuals and promoting cohesion. To ensure the peace and enjoyment of the attendees, a security plan was developed with the Torus architects office, which was supported by the national police.

In Mexico, for its part, it was repeated with the title of Guateque, a local name for dance parties, revelry and feasts.

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