This tactic seeks to raise awareness about the importance of creating and caring for green areas in the city.


This tactic consists of a day when neighbors travel their streets with trees and plants to motivate other to join them in a day of collective greening.

This activity allows us to transforming a small public space chosen by the residents into a greener place. Along the tour and tree planting, we ran a workshop on water reuse to promote the maintenance of the space using gray water for irrigation. We also worked with other organizations in order to conduct workshops on recycling and reuse.

For the tactic we planted 60 trees in four types of planters, which are irrigated (since Friday July 4) through a gray water recycling system installed by Emerging City in the houses of two neighbors committed to the periodic irrigation of the new plants. In addition, an important group of neighbors committed to caring for the plants in the long term.

During the activity we also ran a stone-painting workshop to be used in plant protection, as well as applying some of our tools such as perception surveys and neighborhood postcards, and more.

This tactic has also been deployed by Ciudad Emergente within the CREO Antofagasta Plan in the north of Chile.


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TacticsSarah Derroisne