This tactic seeks to change the way we use public space to share it in a safe way between different modes of transport, promoting public spaces designed for people and not just for cars.

This tactic was implemented in Santiago, in Lastarria and Bellas Artes neighborhoods, where a district was established to experiment different tactics and tools to reduce CO2 emissions from the change of habits in the mobility of people.

During the development of the Shared Cities for Sustainable Development project in Danlí, Honduras, Ciudad Emergente designed a shared street tactic, whose objective was to promote the use of sustainable transport systems and face-to-face meetings, in addition to raising awareness among citizenship about how changes in habits and willingness to share the street can help combat climate change and help build more sustainable cities.

This pilot was implemented from May 25 to July 7, 2018, however, by unanimous decision of the Municipal Council of Danlí, and thanks to the support of Mayor Gustavo Mendoza, the permanence of the shared streets was decreed.

In Panama, from November 17 to December 16, a public space opens up for art, culture, color, privileging different modes of transport. Under the name of "Panama Camina", Ciudad Emergente implemented a tactic of shared streets in one of the most congested avenues of Panama City.

TacticsSarah Derroisne