Kurt Steffens

Director of Development


Architect, Central University of Chile
MSc in Urban Management, Technical University of Berlin.
Diploma in Geographic Information Systems, Pontificia Universidad Católica


Kurt is the Director of Development in Ciudad Emergente, leading urban innovation projects on issues of sustainable mobility, citizen participation and generation of indicators to evaluate impacts on the planning of cities centered on people. He has developed and managed different urban tactics such as the Urban Malones, the Okuplazas, the Shared Streets project and the Alameda Caminable experiment, as well as the consultancy for the Concón Innovation Park.

In 2017 he coordinated the metropolitan area of the initiative the Great Malon, an urban tactic that brought together in one day 12 thousand Chileans in 9 regions of the country around a large table to build trust and community. He has more than 10 years of experience in city planning, entrepreneurship, innovation, community activation and technologies, both from the Urban Development Division of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning of Chile, and in his role as a teacher in the Faculty of Urbanism and Landscape of the Central University of Chile.

He has made several presentations of Ciudad Emergente, highlighting the Habita III World Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development in Quito, Ecuador, participating with Greenpeace Mexico and Engajamundo of Brazil in the talk “People power in cities: Finding ways to strengthen urban movements “. Kurt is also a consultant and urban manager in the WEG consultancy and is incubating the project Beyond your Plate, a foundation to connect Chileans and migrants through food.